From JustGiving to Self-Hosting: The Evolution of Online Fundraising

Are you looking to fundraise online? Online fundraising has become a game-changer, making it easier than ever to rally support and gather donations from across the globe. While popular platforms like JustGiving and GoFundMe might catch your eye, it’s important to know that they do come with a catch – a percentage of your hard-earned donations goes toward covering their administrative costs. But fear not fundraisers! We’re here to unveil a savvy alternative that ensures your cause gets the full benefit of every single donation – self-hosted fundraising platforms.

Self-Hosted Fundraising Platforms

Traditional platforms might be easy in the short term but if you are a charity that intends to continually fundraise self-hosted is the way to go, with a whole host of benefits:

  • Retain 100% of Donations: The most significant advantage of using a self-hosted platform is that you receive the entirety of the donations. This means more resources to put towards your mission and less money lost in administrative fees.
  • Branding Control: With a self-hosted platform, you have full control over the design, branding, and customisation of your fundraising page. This ensures that your campaign aligns perfectly with your organisation’s image and message.
  • Integration of Gift Aid: Self-hosted platforms offer features like Gift Aid integration, allowing you to maximise your donations by claiming tax relief on eligible contributions. This can significantly boost the impact of your fundraising efforts.
  • Cost-Effective: Setting up a self-hosted fundraising platform can be surprisingly affordable. Many providers offer the option of a small one-time setup cost, which can prove to be a wise investment in the long run.

To illustrate the effectiveness of self-hosted fundraising platforms, let’s take a look at the Scottish Maritime Museum. A registered charity in Scotland, they teamed up with Adworks to integrate a self-hosted fundraising platform directly onto their website. The result? They’ve eliminated additional administrative fees and retained 100% of the funds donated. Moreover, they can still share their fundraising campaigns on social media and other channels, offering a seamless experience for their supporters that’s similar to popular crowdfunding platforms.

Additionally, we’ve connected a cross-selling feature with the Scottish Jewish Heritage Centre. They offer guided tours of the facilities which can be booked via their website, where we have implemented a donate section to the check-out process before completing the purchase.

Online fundraising is a powerful tool that can help your organisation make a meaningful difference. While platforms like JustGiving and GoFundMe have their merits, the appeal of self-hosted fundraising platforms is hard to ignore. With complete control over your campaigns, no administrative deductions, and the potential for Gift Aid integration, these platforms offer a smarter way to fundraise online.