A Week in Social Media: A Student Placement

Hi, I’m Lois, an S3 student at Prestwick Academy and I have just completed at week long placement with Adworks focusing on Social Media Marketing.

Over the course of a week, I was able to work closely with the Adworks team to develop an understanding of the social media world and all that goes into creating and running campaigns.  

  • Social Listening 
  • Client Meetings
  • Content Creation
  • Video Filming and Editing
  • Social Copywriting
  • Content Scheduling 
  • Campaign Reporting

Here’s what my week in social media looked like:

  1. I started the week by watching some educational videos on social media marketing.
  2. At the start of the week, we went to Gemmell’s Garden Centre to gather some visual content for their social media ads campaign.
  3. I used tools like ChatGPT and Canva to make reels that showcased the Adworks brand and their clients.
  4. I focused on crafting meaningful organic posts for Andrew Wright Windows and spreading awareness for World Ocean Day at the Scottish Maritime Museum. Plus, I wrote some ad copy for Gemmell’s Garden Centre, which we filmed content for earlier in the week.
  5. Finally, I looked at Facebook Ads and set up some ads for the new Gemmell’s Garden Centre campaign. I also got to look at some campaign reporting which will be completed once Facebook Ad campaigns are finished running or on a monthly basis.

It was such a fun experience, and I learned so much about the behind-the-scenes of social media marketing!